BASCOE Analyses Produced in the Framework of the GSE-PROMOTE

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BASCOE (The Belgian Assimilation System for Chemical Observations from Envisat) takes part in two PROMOTE services: The Stratospheric Ozone Profile Record service and the Stratospheric Aerosols and Gas (H2O, CH4) service. In the first service, BASCOE will provide ozone (O3) analyses and other chemical constituents related to ozone based on assimilation of UARS MLS (data assimilated between 1992 and 1999) and Envisat MIPAS (data assimilated between july 2002 and march 2004). In the second service, BASCOE will provide methane (CH4) and water vapor (H2O) from UARS MLS (data assimilated between 1992 and mid 1993) and Envisat MIPAS (data assimilated between july 2002 and march 2004).

In the below Archives section, you will find the links to the already available different products. Products are stored in HDF format. In Documentation, you will find information about each product, including plots of differences between BASCOE and observations (assimilated and independent), reading Matlab and IDL routines to help the user to access the data, PROMOTE validation document, etc. In Background Information, BASCOE system is described and references are given. Finally, contact information and disclamer are given and the end of this page.

Example of results

Time series of POAM-III averaged over two days for ozone at South Pole (top) and the corresponding BASCOE ozone analyses at POAM-III (bottom) in [molec/cm3].
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ML Analyses:

MLS Analyses:


Introduction to the BASCOE system

MIPAS O3 Analyses:

MIPAS H2O Analyses :

MIPAS CH4 Analyses :

MLS O3 Analyses :

Background information

Contact details

Service provider : BIRA-IASB : Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Contact person : Quentin Errera, BIRA-IASB, 3 av. circulaire, B-1180, Brussels, Belgium; +32-2-373 67 67;

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