BRAM R1 dataset is available to download on the protected FTP server of BIRA-IASB. Please, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get login and password to access to the FTP server.

Currently, the only available documentation on BRAM is provided by Errera et al., PICO presentation given at EGU, 2017, that can be downloaded here.

Also provided on the FTP site, validation plots based on the Forecast-minus-Observations (F-O) given for different seasons and years, for all BRAM assimilated species using observations from MLS, ACEFTS, MIPAS (IMK retrieval) and O3_CCI L2 HARMOZ profiles. An example of these plots is given here. It presents the (F-O) statistics for water vapor (H2O) for the season June-July-August (JJA) and for each year of BRAM (2005-2016) (one line per year). Each column presents statistics for a different latitude band going from south (left) to north(right). Rows 1 and 3 displays the mean(BRAM-MLS) in % and in ppmv, respectively. Rows 2 and 4 displays the StdDev(BRAM-MLS) in % and in ppmv, respectively. Row 5 shows the mean MLS profiles. Also shown, in black, the instrument error budget (accuracy and precision) in their native units (only available for BRAM-MLS). The MLS accuracy is compared to the mean(BRAM-MLS) while the MLS precision is compared to the StdDev(BRAM-MLS). Since, for H2O, MLS error budget is given in %, it is only displayed for statistical plots given in %.